Risk Assessments

Malvern Cycle Sport provides club activities for the range of experience of its members and our aim is to provide safe, sociable and enjoyable rides.  To help achieve this we have already set out our guidance for ride leaders and etiquette for group-riding – for both road and MTB disciplines – elsewhere on this website.  We ask that all members read these pages and contribute any ideas to further improve them.

However, we were all novices once.  Our development as riders is sometimes self-taught, but often the result of the friendliness, help and support of other riders.  This is largely informal, but as a club we must document our assessment of hazards and the actions we take to reduce the risk associated with them.  The following documents are a formal record of this process which is necessary to ensure that we comply with the terms of our insurance.  It is nonetheless a very helpful process to go through, and we encourage members to read them.  The content may well be largely regarded as common sense and guided by the actions that we instinctively carry out, but this should be seen as a good thing!  Cycling, in all its forms, is an activity which carries an element of risk, and these documents state how we aim to protect members as far as is reasonably practicable.

Other useful documents