As a not-for-profit club affiliated to British Cycling, we have Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of £15,000,000.  This covers:

  • The club
  • Officials of the club acting on the club’s specific instructions
  • Individuals who have been invited to participate in club activities with a view to joining the club

Note that under the terms of our insurance, invitees can ride with the club on two occasions before joining.

More information about our insurance can be found here:

We also have a Cycling UK membership that covers ride organisers of formal non-competitive events; e.g. the Reliability Trial. Details of this cover can be found here:

Individual riders are not covered by club insurance.  There is no legal requirement for cyclists to have insurance.  However, we recommend that members should:

  • Check their home insurance policy as it may include Personal Liability Insurance for riding a bicycle, subject to conditions
  • Consider Cycling UK membership as it provides Third Party Liability Insurance.  Our Cycling UK group membership means that club members can access this for the reduced fee of £25 per year.  For most riders, this represents a saving of over £20.
  • Consider British Cycling membership as some options include insurance cover (e.g. Ride).  If members intend to race, then they will need British Cycling (Silver or Gold) membership, as it includes racing Third Party Insurance.