On the Hills

The first session of each block is usually at Nine Acres for all riders, where we carry out low-profile assessments and finalise groups. For the further sessions, meeting at West of England Quarry car park gives us immediate access to the substantial network of bridleways on the Malvern Hills. Groups must be limited to a maximum of 8 riders, but we often have four or five groups out at any one time and due to the number of trails available groups are operating alone for much of the time.

Ride leaders will have planned a route that is designed to develop skills and experience of off-road riding in a natural environment. A suitable level of cycling fitness is necessary, and riders must have a well-maintained and functioning bike of an appropriate quality. Please ask your ride leader if you are unsure. Checks will take place at the start of a session, but we are unable to carry out mechanical adjustments due to time and insurance constraints.

Riders must carry water, a snack, a spare inner tube and a jacket in case of rain.