Etiquette – MTB

There is a difference between riding purpose built trails and natural trails. We will concentrate on natural trails first. Some of these guidelines are safety-related and some encourage good relationships with other trail-users. All of them aim to enable us to enjoy the experience of riding a bike off-road in a responsible way that promotes a sustainable future for our sport.

  • Bring a spare tube, tyre levers, multi-tool and a pump / inflator.
  • Carry a mobile phone or money to enable you to get home in case of mechanical failure or emergency.
  • Wear, or carry, appropriate clothing for the likely conditions.
  • Bring food and drink appropriate for the planned ride.
  • Bring lights when the weather conditions or time of day require it. Avoid using a rear light on flashing mode unless you are at the rear of the group. Remember that there may be sections of road-riding on a natural trail ride.
  • Support and respect the ride leader. Please volunteer if you would like to act as a ride leader on other occasions.
  • Inform the ride leader if you wish to stop or to leave the ride.
  • On the Malvern Hills, avoid particularly busy times of the week.
  • Be aware of, and follow, the Countryside Code (see below).
  • Remember that cyclists are only legally allowed to ride on bridleways, byways and other permitted routes.
  • Never disturb ruins or historic sites (e.g. British Camp)
  • Avoid excessive speed, especially when the route ahead cannot be seen clearly.
  • Avoid skidding as this causes trail erosion.
  • Always slow down for other trail-users.
  • Thank trail-users who stop for the group.
  • Greet other trail-users you meet, even those who display agitation. Avoid responding to any aggressive behaviour.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times on MCS club rides.
  • Carry your membership card on MCS club rides in case the emergency details are needed.
  • In order to comply with the terms of our insurance, and as a courtesy to other club members, please remember to join the club after a maximum of two rides as a guest.

Other useful information