The cost of ‘Under 16′ membership is: £6 + £1.00 admin fee

The cost of ’16 and Over’ membership is: £12 + £1.00 admin fee

The cost of ‘Family’ membership (2 adults + unlimited children) is: £24.00 + £1.00 admin fee

Read more, and join here.

As a go-ride accredited british cycling club, we recommend all members join british cycling. The first year is free and subsequent years costs vary. Please see here for the benefits.

Membership includes access to the following equipment which has been purchased by the club:

Type Equipment
Ridley Xbow CX bike (Small)
Ridley Xbow CX bike (Medium)
Ridley Xbow CX bike (Large)
8 Turbos
15 Turbo riser blocks
2 Diablo exposure front lights
3 Rollers
1 Isla Bike
1 Marquee
1 Jetwash

Want to borrow some kit? Send us a message…