Development Plan

This development plan is currently a work in progress and will be updated soon. The below points are the thoughts of the current chairman.

  1. Set up new web site Jan 2016
  2. Continued growth of club via Juniors, Social MTB’s and road section.
  3. Set up of new off road track using Madresfield Estates land.
  4. Working with BC regional officer to set up new Midlands series 2016 aimed at beginners with some ranking points available for the more competitive.
  5. Working with The Conservators and other MTB groups/ Walking groups to open up more legal MTB routes on Malvern. This is an extension of the dialogue we are currently in with the Conservators.
  6. Put on Junior coaching/race day as per Birchwood in 2014.
  7. Long term goal of club to work with local council, parish and funding groups to get club house and new community centre @ West Malvern playing fields this to be a 5-10 year plan.
  8. Possible set up of Malvern cycle sport junior academy working with local firms to allow our kids to race funded. Allowing help with expenses and equipment again this is long term goal 5 years.