BC Pathway

Great Britain British Cycling Pathway Programme

For those youth riders who want to become involved in competitive racing here is a bit more of an insight into the British Cycling Programmes that are currently available across all cycling disciplines, from the first Foundation level right up to Podium athletes hoping to compete in the Olympic Games.

Some Malvern Juniors have been lucky enough to qualify for the Foundation level training and have taken part in the Regional Schools of Racing. Over the last few years some of our junior riders have been put forward by the Malvern Coaching team and have been fortunate enough to have been selected by British Cycling to attend 4 days of coaching throughout the year, providing high quality training under British Cycling coaches. In order for riders to be put forward for this they must be racing Regional or National Level races to be considered and be between 12-15yrs old.

The next step after the Regional Schools of Racing is to move on to the Apprentice level of the Pathway. Around 100 riders are accepted on this programme nationally. This next step gives riders the opportunity over the year to attend coaching sessions at different venues throughout the UK and riders have a mentor coach they must send training data too and work more closely with. Riders are selected by British Cycling for this programme.

The next stage to the programme is entering the British Cycling Junior Academy. This is open to those aged 15-21 and to those riders that have showing most promise at a regional and national level. We have been lucky enough to have the experience of having a Malvern rider on this level, again these riders are selected by British Cycling and get the opportunity to go to various training camps. They have a dedicated coach and get the chance to race internationally if ready.

Next tier is the Senior Academy, where it becomes a full time, paid, residential job.

Then finally on to the Podium…..

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For those that are interested in taking part in local races whether just for fun or for the more competitive riders take a look at the links below to find out what is happening in our area and beyond;


Local grassroots series


Midlands Cross Country series


National Series

West Midlands Youth Circuit Series – closed circuit track racing, entry via British Cycling


West Midlands Cyclocross League – competitive off-road bike racing for all ages and abilities.


Information on the national cyclocross league


Really good grassroots events. Includes races in UK and overseas, downhill, Enduro and National Cross Country.


Main British Cycling events calendar