2020 Junior Coaching Sign-Up

Information for the Spring 2020 junior coaching programme is detailed below.

The Spring term will run for 5 weeks from Weds 22ndApril to Weds 20thMay. Sessions will cover a combination of traditional coaching sessions with qualified British Cycling coaches and group ride-outs.

“Regular” coaching is open to 6-14 year olds and for 2020 we are adding an additional “performance” group for 14-17 year olds. This group will focus on physical training as well as technical skills for those who race competitively or just want to push themselves.

Please note, due to limited number of coaches, coaching is not available to riders under 6 years of age. All riders attending coaching should also be able to ride confidently without assistance on off road terrain managing climbs and some minor downhill.

As in previous years we will operate two start locations and staggered times to allow the older/ more capable groups to ride on the hills. You’ll be notified in advance which group applies to your child:

All groups will finish at Nine Acres at 7.00pm. Please use Thirlstane Road for parking. Do not park at nine acres or blocking drives on The Lees.

The cost for attending the spring session will be £20 (£4 per session)

We still run coaching in bad weather and expect riders to have suitable kit, however, unfortunately there may be the rare occasion when we have to cancel for which a refund is not possible. Cancellation notice will be given by email, if no notice has been given assume the session will go ahead.

For those children riding on the hills we insist that they carry a spare innertube with them and bring suitable clothing. We suggest each rider bring a small rucksack with jacket/ additional clothing in case the weather deteriorates, or we need to stop due to an incident.

ALL RIDERS must have a correctly fitted HELMET meeting relevant safety standards. Bikes must be in full working order with suitable off-road tyres. We are unable to make any repairs during coaching.

As demand for places is high we may not be able to accommodate all entrants. To book your place please complete registration form below and make payment by the cut-off date of 29th March. We will confirm places by the 5thApril and if unsuccessful your credit card will be refunded.

We require all juniors attending coaching to have a valid Malvern Cycle Sport membership. For membership enquiries visit the membership page



We’re asking people to pay via PayPal as the best combination of simplifying volunteer admin and cost. If anyone is unable to create an account then get in touch HERE.

Spring 2020